Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Publishing FAIL

I know everyone in the publishing industry has a different reason for being here, and many people delude themselves into thinking they have some lofty goal to create classic books that will last for generations. I'd like to think I'm realistic, knowing that I will acquire and edit books in my time, some of which will disappear and others of which will stick around for awhile. My hope for all of them is that they contribute something useful to this world.

Then there's, ya know, the other extreme. I don't mean pulp fiction - something I actually enjoy on some level, at least historical pulp (read: Jim Thompson et al) or how-to books, which certainly have their value. I mean celebrity junk that is destined for a bargain bin at your local chain bookstore.

What will you see there in 2011, you ask? Publishers Weekly's daily newsletter today provided an answer:

Two of the stars of the hit MTV reality show, Jersey Shore, are hoping to prove that there is more to their lives than simply hair gel, suntan lotion, and skimpy swimwear. St. Martin's Press announced Tuesday that Jenni "Jwoww" Farley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have written a book, Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore, in which the two explain how to balance work, love, and partying, while properly taking care of hair, nails, and skin -- as well as everything else that goes into living an authentic Jersey Shore lifestyle. The book is being written with the help of Marc Shaprio.

Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore will be released in trade paper under the St. Martin's/Griffin imprint in early July, around the same time that the second season of Jersey Shore, set in Miami, is scheduled to premiere on MTV during the July 4th weekend. The deal for North American and world rights was negotiated by St. Martin's editor Alyse Diamond and agent Lori Perkins. John Murphy, St. Martin's director of publicity, toldPW that the press has not yet decided on the initial print run, but considering that 4.8 million viewers tuned into the first season's finale, he expects Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore to be "wildly popular" with a broad spectrum of readers.

And then we ask why people aren't reading books. Maybe we shouldn't model new books off of issues of Us Weekly.

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