Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Longer Shelf-Lives!

Here at SotB, we are open to creative uses of books themselves - or at least old books that need to be reused in some form, due to wear and tear. Admittedly, I found the use of book jackets as MacBook covers odd, but I love the book arts of Su Blackwell, Mike Stilkey, and my favorite, Thomas Allen, who does the most amazing art out of pulps. (After that post, I ran right out to Harvard Bookstore and got a copy of his book, Uncovered.)

So today, with this series in mind, I bring you yet another creative use of an old book, courtesy of the Mother Nature Network, via Shelf Awareness. It seems an Italian outfit called Gardenkultur makes planters out of old books!

Sadly, I don't speak Italian, so I'm counting on Matt Hickman's post at the Mother Earth Network to understand. He explains, "The website appears to be filled with all sorts of deep, metaphorical plant/book/rebirth talk which is just fine but when all is said and done, Gartenkultur planters are just straight-out cool looking. "

Hey, I love me some plants and love me some books, so may the two cohabitat happily.

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