Friday, May 30, 2008

Indies get applause

This Publishers Weekly article by Jim Milliot is all about how much everyone, corporate publishing marketing types and all, lurves independent booksellers. Loves loves loves. If you love them, have a quick read. It's short, I promise.

I was surprised by the numbers. It opens:
Even though two recent studies have put their market share at below 10%, independent booksellers are as critical to publishers as they have ever been. In an ironic twist, the very fact that the number of independent booksellers has declined severely in the last decade makes the stores that have survived all that more important, publishers say. “Their numbers are obviously smaller, but they are a significant outlet for us,” says Matty Goldberg, v-p and group director for sales and marketing at Perseus Books Group.
10%! Good god. That's ridiculous.

I enjoyed Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, VT, just last weekend, in fact. The state's oldest! And they are rocking a beautiful yellow color with a series of flower pots of the same color out front. I also got to pet one of the two gorgeous dogs, but don't know if it was Baxter or Zoe.

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