Monday, May 19, 2008

Buying into a Bookstore

Well this idea has reared its head before, but it looks like someone has latched onto the checks many of us received from the government to maybe, possibly... make it happen!

Stimulating Reading is the idea, from the sharp brain of one Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, keeper of the Written Nerd blog. You may remember her from such prizes as the Brooklyn Public Library prize, in which she won $15,000 to start her own bookstore. Apparently, that wasn't quite enough - which is fair.

Though the idea isn't entirely fleshed out yet, this bookseller, currently employed by McNally Robinson in NYC, wants to open an independent bookstore in Brooklyn, and now wants you to consider kicking in your recent government check to make it happen. Simple and effective! I'm most appreciative of this point, from her blog:

I don't want to twist your arm -- I'm just offering an option. And especially if you're someone who has mixed feelings about the wisdom of the stimulus rebate to strengthen the economy, this is one way to spend it more purposefully than just by, say, buying new clothes.

Well said. I don't know if this can work, but if it does, it may be a model others can follow - outside of Brooklyn, which if one reads industry blogs, websites, magazines and what-not, seems to be overrun with independent literary ventures!

(I'd like to mention quickly that the Written Nerd post also has some great links, so be sure to do some clicking while reading about this idea.)

I suppose similar things have been done, as with the Brazos Bookstore in Houston, but not on this small a level. I'll be sure to watch Stimulating Reading to see how it goes. Good luck!

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