Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Indiebound = Revolution!

I loved the language folks were using about the launch of Indiebound, as reported in Shelf Awareness, as reported as part of their BEA coverage.
IndieBound is not so much an updated marketing or branding campaign as "a movement, a manifesto," said ABA chief marketing office Meg Smith, who gave Shelf Awareness a sneak peek at the program two weeks ago. "We say this is a revolution consumers brought to us. We're giving it language."

American Bookseller Association CEO Avin Domnitz is quoted as saying:
"People are struggling to take back control of their lives and their communities. The big store on the highway doesn't do it anymore. What people want is good advice from people they trust. They want to stay closer to home and they're turning to people from their community. They want a local sustainable economy. And they are rediscovering what's important in their lives: local stores."
What great language indeed!

It's worth following the link to check out the site. They are trying to get actual consumers more involved than they may have been at the Booksense site. Probably a good idea - that site wasn't great for consumer use. I may have mentioned that I ended up visiting this store with my parents in Florida, which was not a good store. Actually, my dad stocked up on true crime mass markets, but I found nothing worth reading. Maybe Indiebound will provide a bit more useful information.

And for more fiery rhetoric, check out the Declaration of Indiebound, and sign on!

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