Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You must know about Frey by now

But in case you don't, here's the article all about his new novel, which will come out next year and will be fiction fiction fiction.

His agent, featured heavily in this piece, comes across as very slimey, running a campaign to suggest that every editor in New York was positively clamoring for this proposal. I think potential readers, the market I suppose, are to understand that editors wanted it, so they should want it.

But then, unnamed editors who suggest otherwise. One told Leon Neyfakh, the reporter:
“When I called, I was talking to [Luke] Janklow [of agent Eric Simonoff’s employer, Janklow & Nesbit] about something else and asked him if, by the way, Eric really had Frey’s new novel,” said the publishing executive. “It wasn’t anything that struck me as so significant that I wanted to hunt it down. I was curious about it, if nothing else. Would I have stopped everything and read it? No.”


And the new novel will be called Bright Shiny Morning, which has a disturbingly - and mostly likely purposeful - cadence very similar to Million Little Pieces.

Do I care? Nah. Just idle gossip to pass along to anyone who finds themselves here...

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