Friday, September 21, 2007

First siestas, now this

The Spanish are a very, very smart peoples - not to mention a beautiful peoples.

The latest evidence of the former is this wonderful quote from Francisco Puche, a bookseller, owner of Proteo-Prometo Bookshop in Malaga, Spain:
"A book with printed pages still has a great future, especially literature, because a book is a tangible object, something you can see, pick up and take with you wherever you go. . . . The thing is that books are great companions. They help us pass the test of being able to spend time alone. If we can achieve that, we can escape the anguish and stress surrounding us."

It was quoted in today's email from Shelf Awareness, taken from Franciso's article in SUR in English, "the newspaper for Southern Spain."

Earlier this week, as I watched a guy next to me play a game on his phone while listening to music on his headphones, and as some girl on the T anxiously played her phone, desperate for the train to get above ground so she could talk to someone, I was thinking something similar.

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