Friday, September 07, 2007

The Times Recycles

Surely we've all seen some version, at least, of this article before? No? Since it's listed under "most blogged about," so I shall.
It's an interesting concept that I'd be willing to test drive, this new Amazon e-book reader, the Kindle. I ain't looking to shell out $400 for it, but I'd like to see a demonstration. And downloading remotely is good - you can jump online and download a book without hooking up to a computer. I'm not convinced that it will gain wide acceptance, and see it more in line with past efforts at such innovation, but I can see we're moving slowly closer to this kind of thing being normalized.
It's real, real ugly though. Let's just say that right now. The Microsoft Reader is prettier.

I don't have much more to say as, again, much of the article sounds exactly like every article on this subject - some innovation, some problems, executives from places like B&N offering ambivalence...

Another link to a somewhat boring Fall List of Books from USA Today, with few if any surprises. The Boston Globe had a Fall Book article earlier this week by ubiquitous book guy David Mehegan. Nothing is exciting me, quite frankly, except maybe the graphic novel Shooting War by Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman, being published by Grand Central, mention in the USA Today article. I guess Lawrence Hill's book, described by Mehegan as an "epic historical novel (Hill's first book published in the United States), told in the voice of an old African woman enslaved before the American Revolution," could be of interest, though I probably won't buy it, truth be told. I don't know the last time I bought an "epic historical novel." But really, these lists don't appeal to my sensibilities. I'd be more likely to buy something off a staff recommendation shelf at an independent.

But it must be an exciting fall for the person ready to pull out their Kindle and read the new Sebold novel on their flight to Tucson! That came out much bitchier than I meant it.

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