Friday, January 22, 2010

"I'm a Fool for Links" Friday

"This is but a lame excuse for a blog post, wherein you just link to other bloggers' stuff!" you cry. Well... um... it's true. But hey, we here at SotB have day jobs, okay? I'm busily working amidst manuscripts and proposals, writing up memos seeking approval of my projects. It's always "me, me, me" with you. Jeesh.

So at least I'm doing something. Fun links!

We have brought you fun book art before, which typically only works if you destroy actual books. Now we bring you very cool book art that may be able to exist with a book. Right?! Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly's Shelf Life blog via BookNinja, here are the world's cutest bookmarks, designed by swissmiss, who was inspired by Icoeye.

If you don't love that Moby Dick, you don't truly have the ability to love anything, or at least anything bookish.

Courtesy of Publishers Weekly, we have Priya Ganapati's article from Wired about all things e-reader. Read it or don't, I don't mind. Part of me wants to, part of me feels like I've read it all before, but truly, I know there's useful info in here. Ironically, I'll probably print it out and read it on the bus on the way home. Take that, not-yet-for-sale Apple Tablet (tm)!

And finally, via my genius British journalist friend Damian Barr who sent this to me by email, we have a charming collection of writing - a Five Dials Special - about David Foster Wallace, who passed away in 2009. It includes short pieces by Zadie Smith, Don Delillo, and more, and images by Michael Schmelling. More info on the publication Five Dials, published by British publisher Hamish Hamilton, can be found here, including the manner in which one joins its mailing list.

Happy reading this weekend!


Biblibio said...

Oh yes, the Moby Dick one is pretty great. Same for the Nautilus (which may or may not be cool just because I'm imagining turning it around depending on my mood, if that makes sense). I'd probably be worried about ruining the Robin Hood one, though, as awesome as it is to have an arrow sticking out of a book...

Brian said...

Well what's funny about the Robin Hood one, as someone pointed out elsewhere, is that, um, I think the designer was thinking of William Tell? Oops!