Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Love to Local

I'm excited to be attending the Massachusetts Center for the Book's MA Book Awards ceremony at the State House here in Boston tomorrow (Wednesday, Nov 4). Little did I know, there was some excitement happening before the awards!

At 11 am, there will be a rally we should all consider attending. The Massachusetts Library Association is holding a “Don’t Close the Books on Libraries” Rally at the State House. If you love books, you should love libraries, and if you love libraries, you should fight against the severe budget cuts they face.

Before learning of this rally this evening, I stopped by the Harvard Bookstore and found, much to my delight, two novels by Charles Willeford, who was written about in Sean McCann's Gumshoe America, which I got out of a library btw, alongside Jim Thompson, thereby making me interested. (They both reflect the tragic loss of New Deal ideology in the face of liberalism, obviously.) What's amazing is that these two novels - High Priest of California and Pick Up - are together in one, reversible volume from the 1980s. Yes, folks, you read through one and come to 2 gray pages. Close the book, flip it over, and read the second. Just incredible. I sometimes love Harvard Bookstore's used section.

Now go rally for books, already! 

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