Monday, November 09, 2009

For a good time, call a 1832 edition of Pride & Prejudice

Yes, of course Christopher's right. I'm anti-fun, while he's a good-time-aholic, rockin' the antiquarian book fair.* Check out this binding, bitches!

Anyhow, I'm here to tell you about something that's more suited for those with a pulse. My apologies it's so last minute - I only found out about this today.

Bookbuilders of Boston is hosting a talk entitled Beyond the Pitch Letter: A Roundtable with Authors, Agents, and Editors. I'm planning on attending so I have more to tell folks about this process, even if I ain't working with them. (I did this a lot at an academic conference this weekend, but more on that in another post.) (Except I will say that I loved DC as much as I thought I might.) The participants on the roundtable are:

It should be a good time, but don't let me stop you from blowing dust off jackets and debating the best quality backstrips from 17th century editions. 

* For the record, I've actually attended and enjoyed this fair and my comments above are only here to irritate Christopher. If others get offended, it's merely friendly fire. My apologies.

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