Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sad News but Great News

This just in: Richard Nash, the publishing maverick whom I have mentioned about two dozen times in the last 2 weeks, is leaving Soft Skull. He indicated something big on a comment on this very blog recently.

Here is the press release with this news.

Here is Nash pointing to the press release.

Here is Publishers Weekly.

Says Nash:
When I explained to my colleagues yesterday that I would be consulting and freelancing, some were concerned this was a euphemism for leaving publishing. It is anything but. For me, my departure is actually about my passionate belief in the future of publishing, in the future of community built around long-form edited narrative texts, in the future of connecting writers and readers, in a Web 3.0 that's about the filters. I'm going to take this opportunity to go even deeper into publishing, to double-down, to go all in...

So I'm sad for Soft Skull but deadly curious about where Nash will go. I'll follow him on the soon-to-be-launched He explains on Facebook, "Hey y'all, my new Twitter name is r_nash (that's r[underscore]nash). Also about to go live, and already live." This could mean big exciting things!

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