Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And HarperCollins Keeps Cutting

And now this news, about HarperCollins closing The Bowen Press and letting Brenda Bowen, who joined in '07, go. Bowen was to release children's books under this imprint, with two books out now and its official launch this spring. Reading the blog, linked above, is a bit like reading a Facebook page of someone who has passed away. It's very odd.

But while HC is dropping the imprint, why this?:

The company is keeping the fledgling Walden Pond Press imprint, which Jordan Brown, who joined HC in 2008, will continue to focus on as it gets ready for a launch in winter 2010. Brown, who was reporting to Bowen, will now report to Katherine Tegen, who continues to lead her own imprint. The company is also keeping the new Balzer & Bray children's imprint, which is set to debut this fall.

Who knows? These re-alignments follow their own warped logic somehow.

The employees at HarperCollins must be watching their emails with great caution these days...

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