Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And then they ate their own?!!?!11?!1?1?1?!/1/1!?!

Can you help feeling a little bit of satisfaction after reading this article from Motoko Rich at the NY Times about authors suing their own publisher, the freakishly conservative Regnery? I mean, George Saunders could not come up with this kind of perfection - the Swift Boat Veterans suing a conservative publisher. Sigh. It's just beautiful.

The lead:
Five authors have sued the parent company of Regnery Publishing, a Washington imprint of conservative books, charging that the company deprives its writers of royalties by selling their books at a steep discount to book clubs and other organizations owned by the same parent company.

Conservatives being dishonest in their business practices?! As the kids say, wtf?!

Read this piece, please. Add this news to a sunny, cold fall day in New England, and I must confess, for a generally grumpy guy, I am one happy (lefty) editor.

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