Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everybody's talkin'

Some useful links to the few hot stories in publishing this week:

OJ, OJ, OJ... The best and latest round-up of the debate around Beaufort Books' publishing of If I Did It is found on the omnipotent publishing blogger, Galleycat (along with an image of the book jacket). She brings up interesting questions around these publishers who allow authors to subsidize their publication, but who do not identify as printers who let authors self-publish. Beaufort Books' CEO, Eric Kampann, is quite offended at the suggestion. They're planning on having books available as soon as mid-September, which is quite incredible, really.

Barnes & Noble won't stock If I Did It.... How noble! But you can special order it or buy it on their website... Not so noble! Kampann, in the Galleycat posting, is now playing this with a competitive angle, ie saying places that are ordering it upfront will win and B&N will lose out if it starts selling, b/c he'll have to do a reprint and with no copies in stock, B&N will have to wait for that reprint to fulfill orders. (Also not noble, I should note, actions of B&N corporate, from today's Shelf Awareness: "The creation of the position of general counsel was one of several recommendations made earlier this year by a special committee that investigated B&N's stock option policies and found that they had been misdated and improperly backdated to the tune of $45.5 million.") My favorite is Borders reaction - they'll stock it, but NOT publicize it. Ah, you and that high road, Borders...

In other news...

Only 25% of adults read, and they're who you think they are.

Harper Lee said something - not much, but something.

Not much time to expound on these pieces, but wanted to link them up as they're buzzy. Fair?

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