Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Shop on the Block

I just wanted to send word out for those who didn't hear that another great bookstore is going up for sale, though this time not in Boston or in Western Mass. It's the quite legendary Politics & Prose in Washington, DC, as reported in the Washington Post. It's not due to the economy, per se, but more a matter of the two owners, Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade, deciding to pass the baton. In fact, they explain that they turn a profit - this is hardly a sinking ship.

Start the bidding!

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MVBLH said...

I'm about to hit the road, from MA to DC and Politics & Prose was #1 on my must-stops. Sorry to hear the owners are moving on, but thrilled it's being handed on to new owners and not going the way of our independent bookstore in Falmouth. RIP Inkwell...