Tuesday, October 06, 2009

For the love of independents

If you're like me, you want to hear all of the wonderful news coming out of independent / university presses. Now you can follow them all on Twitter. (See how comfortable we are here at SotB with new-fangled interwebs stuff!)

Jessie Bennett, blog editor extraordinaire over at the Beacon Broadside, the official blog of Beacon Press, created this TweepML in which you can mark all the best independents and in one fatal swoop, BAM, sign into your Twitter account and hear from them all.

More later on the Great Internet Book Burning Panel out in San Fran, hosted by Books, Inc. Wish I could have attended! Here's a teaser, a quote that's been reproduced widely online:
"When I think of Kindle I think not of imaginations fired but of crematoria lit,” says Alan Kaufman, poet and editor of the Outlaw Bible series of anthologies.


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