Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Advice for Writers

I appreciate the advice provided by the good folks at Georgetown University's Office of Scholarly and Literary Publications via their blog, where they explain:

Authors frequently ask "Why didn't the publisher advertise ME more," whereas editors more typically ask "What's the best use of promotional resources for the group, for the imprint, for the house?" It's not that authors are all ego-maniacal while editors are altruistic. That simple split can't work, since so many editors are also authors. But their goals are sometimes at variance when they inhabit their respective roles. It's also no wonder that some editors become successful authors, because they learn to think like editors and so they often make more successful publishing bids. The more that authors focus on editors' complete lists, the more likely the two camps are to gradually share goals, or at least come at divergent goals from more harmonious bases.

This applies pretty widely. As an Editor, I can only hope more authors take such advice into consideration.

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