Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Women Bearing the Brunt?

I have mentioned previously that it seems these rounds of layoffs happening in publishing are hitting women worse than men.

Well I heard about the University of New Mexico Press laying off some employees, but then the Chronicle of Higher Education reported that some of those employees are fighting back. It seems Press employees have been questioning the management since at least December 2008. But what I wanted to mention here was a comment from Glenda Madden, the sales and marketing manager laid off in this round of cuts, who reported to the Chronicle that "those laid off are all women and include the press’s only Latina employee." (thanks to Galleycat for link!)

Looking at the "comings & goings" list at Publishers Weekly, there are 131 people listed. Of those 52 are men, from my quick count (with an error of +/- 2 for gender ambiguous names). This ain't exact science, but that still puts more women losing their jobs than men, and that's only the ones who are high enough in their career to add their name to the PW list. If you are an ed. asst., you may not feel confident enough in your career to post your name. Most of these people had fairly significant titles.

I'd be curious if more people are noticing a trend wherein the layoffs are inadversely impacting women in publishing. Are women still considered more expendable in this day and age, treated as if they are not the sole breadwinners and therefore can afford to lose a job? I know, I know, crazy talk... right?

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