Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And So the Classics will Tweet

I knew it. I just knew it would happen.

First, we had Orwell's diaries turned into a blog - an idea I have not opposed. But I don't know about this new one, as reported over at MobyLives. It's something I predicted, but I'm certainly not ready to celebrate.

It's Shakespeare on Twitter. And yes, part of me is thinking, "oh, the horror..." I may not be a classics guy, but I do love Shakespeare. I admit it. And I know Christopher's a fan as one spring, possibly around the time he helped me on one of my many apartment moves, he told me that he had designed and was taking his very own course in the Great Bard of Stratford.

Anyhow, this twitter project, from Amway Shakespeare Opportunity, it's Twitter of the Shrew:
Spanning 19 Twitter accounts and presented over 12 days (one scene per day), “Twitter of the Shrew” attempts to live up to Shakespeare’s “Brevity is the soul
of wit” proverb, by condensing the play’s iambic pentameter dialogue down to updates of 140 characters or less.

Do with this what you want, people, I think I have to sit it out. It sounds too tedious to bear.

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