Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I don't love Publishers Weekly's columnist Sara Nelson, but she makes some good points. I just read the hardcopy of her April 14th column, and I appreciate her optimism about publishing as being, at times, innovative. (I don't, however, love "the common wisdom - publishing is so not about innovation! - gives us license to cling to models we know are outdated." That kind of "Sex and the City" knock-off style writing is mucho irritating.) I also appreciate her writing about Bob Miller's new "studio" at HarperCollins. I've been so slack. Please follow this link to a good write-up on Miller's announcement over at BookSquare, and try to forgive me.

I'm curious to see the Book Industry Study Group's forthcoming report she mentions, even if it's full of things that are "so back-office-y as to be beyond un-sexy." Thanks for that, Sara. Another cosmo?

Now I probably won't post until next week - again, sorry! I feel so... Catholic right now. I know the media is Pope-crazy so that's probably trendy but yuck.

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