Thursday, January 03, 2008

Newspaper book blogs

The Dec. 17th issue of Publishers Weekly, which I'm only just getting to, has a list of newspaper book blogs, which I thought I should link up to. I should probably add these to the sidebar, as well. We'll see if that gets done.

The Los Angeles Times has Jacket Copy.

The New York Times has Paper Cuts.

The Washington Post has Short Stack (which did not load well for me, just fyi).

And I added the Boston Globe's blog, Off the Shelf, already on the sidebar.

I don't mind these sites, based on the quick tour. They're a bit gossipy, which is good, but also active and engaged. What do you all think of them?

I also like that the Globe's lists author appearances, which supports authors and, sometimes at least, indies.

I also like, just for the record while I'm listing things that I like, that River Run Bookstore, a great independent in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (which is a great town, for books and beer and other charming things), is "tackling affordable housing" with events in partnership with the United Way and local housing orgs. Well done, River Run! I don't hold you in any way responsible for Dirty Work by Larry Brown, which was a fairly awful novel I purchased at your store last winter.

EDIT: Wanted to add the Dallas Morning News' blog, called Texas Pages. Has short, to the point entries and, again, focuses on local events. Nice job! The paper ain't so bad either - when I lived down there, I was a subscriber. The Austin American-Statesman, at the time, was not quite up to speed on national and international events. I believe that's changed, though.

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