Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hate to hear conservatives cry

I really do. The whining...

Par example, Roger Ailes as quoted in a WSJ article which was in turn discussed by Jack Schafer in this Slate Press Box. He's discussing how one gets published, at a most basic level:
You can't sell a book in America if you don't dump on Bush. That's the cheapest shot in the world. You cannot get an advance, and you can't sell a book because the publishers are all people who hate Bush and hate Republicans.

Oh puh-lease. This is so pathetic. And check out Regnery if you don't believe me.

But even that far right insane press aside, there are plenty of books that do not necessarily talk trash about our Commander-in-Chief. These conservatives are mad because Greenspan is doing Bush ugly - as if he's some leftie nut. Hardly! That man is not on my side. But he's smart enough to see the damage Bush has done, and so he's branded The Enemy and dismissed as riding another publishing trend right to the bank.

I can appreciate that the Bush bashing gets old, but should people have let up on ol' Nixon?! So Bush is reaping what he's sowing - don't kill the messengers. (Don't torture them either, okay?)

Having said all that, I'm glad I don't have to acquire and publish books that are just anti-Bush screeds. They're worthy books, but they can be tiresome, and editing one after the other would probably make my eyes cross. There, I said it.

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