Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yet another reason to love Harry, I suppose

From one of my favorite sites, Grist, which does snarky environmental news (and does it exceedlingly well), comes this exciting information:
Welcome Back, Potter
Final Harry Potter tome is "greenest book in publishing history"Hear that? It's the satisfied sigh of millions of Harry Potter fans who finally have the long-awaited seventh book tightly in their grasp. The final installment of the mugglicious series is said to be the greenest book in publishing history -- a good thing, since it's set sales records at retailers like Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Sixteen publishers around the world used eco-friendly paper for the edition, including U.S. publisher Scholastic, which went the conventional route for the last Harry book and faced a boycott as a result. In all, says Markets Initiative, a Vancouver-based group that helps publishers go green, the switch for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has saved nearly 200,000 trees and avoided almost 8,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Which totally makes up for the fact that Harry dies in the end. Or does he?

I guess this is, in fact, rather old news, as they first posted something on it here quite awhile ago, but it's news to me - and good news at that. Their latest article on it is here.

More on green initiatives on a less busy day.

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