Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Molly Ivins

May her fight continue!

For those who don't know, Molly Ivins is another tough Texas chick, a whipsmart columnist who has been speaking truth for a long time, frequently appearing in the Texas Observer and on Alternet. She's struggling with cancer right now so I wanted to post this to make sure people saw it - and if you feel so inclined, you can support an excellent publication as she has asked, the Texas Observer. Donation page here.

The headline link starts:
Our beloved sister Molly Ivins is fighting or her life against cancer, and all we can do is try to send her even a fraction of the brillliance, joy and love she has given us for so many incomparable years.This genuis daughter of Texas turmoil has stood alone for so long as a voice of clarity, wit, common sense and plain-spoken conscience that it’s hard to know even where to start.

It's worth a read, for any smart progressive types who might now know what she's done. She's one of the good ones, folks.

PS From the LA Times today (via the Boston Globe):
Molly Ivins, the irrepressibly irreverent political humorist and syndicated columnist who skewered legislators, governors, and presidents, especially those from her beloved Texas, died yesterday at her home in Austin after a long battle with cancer. She was 62.

It goes on to say a lot more, and is worth reading.

Expected I suppose, but tragic all the same. I hope some strong Texas gals will follow the legacy of Ivins and Richards in some way, and put some rightwing nutjobs in their place. Texas of all places could use them.

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