Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If John McPhee says so, who are we to argue?

From this morning's Shelf Awareness:

"I’m really concerned about it. And nobody knows where it's going-particularly in terms of the relationship of the Internet to the print media. But writing isn't going to go away. There's a big shake-up-the thing that comes to mind is that it's like in a basketball game or a lacrosse game when the ball changes possession and the whole situation is unstable. But there's a lot of opportunities in the unstable zone. We're in that kind of zone with the Internet. But it's just unimaginable to me that writing itself would die out. OK, so where is it going to go? It's a fluid force: it'll come up through cracks, it'll go around corners, it'll pour down from the ceiling. And I would have counseled anybody ten, twenty, and thirty years ago the same thing I'm saying right now, which is, as a young writer, you should think about writing a book. I don't think books are going to go away."

-John McPhee, in a Paris Review interview earlier this year.

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