Monday, May 10, 2010

Shelf Life: A Movie About Independent Bookstores

Hello, all...

I just received this link from a student in the Emerson College documentary film program. It is about the continuing decline of independent bookstores in the marketplace. Yes, this is familiar territory but the filmmaker gets some delightful footage of Boston area independents and even gets Harvard Book Store general manager Mark Lamphier all teary-eyed about the mission of community bookselling in a very specific way. I am not saying that independent booksellers have more compassion than the giant chains but...well, yes, I guess that is exactly what I am saying.

Enjoy! (Oh, the filmmaker would like feedback so if you have any thoughts on her short film please put them in the comments, please.)


Brian said...

This looks like it'll be a great documentary! I would only suggest that the filmmakers include info on the stores and talking heads, as Mark is the only person identified. It might be fun to just leave a shot of each store used for a bit, with the name clear, as is done with the Brookline Booksmith. I look forward to seeing more!

Anonymous said...

I loved the earthy look and feel of this film! A couple of suggestions would be to make the intro with the song shorter by half and get into the nitty gritty of the message sooner. The other suggestion would be to get interviews of people who work and shop at the big chain book stores. This way we can see if it's true or not that only caring, smart people work at independent book stores. Would help make it feel more balanced to hear both sides.