Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok, that's it! No more doom and gloom for the rest of the day.

Instead of the terrible crap we have been reporting for the last year, er, no, week, here are two links that should remind us why we all care about books and authors. First, and I swear I have seen this before, is a new way perpetuate book a vase, for instance! Artist Laura Cahill has found a way to use those old copies of Milton's Paradise Lost (ahem)...put flowers into it. See? Pretty amazing, right? She calls it "readable furniture." Good enough for me. You'll find many other photos are at her designer-y type person website. Tell her we sent you...we can use all the traffic we can get.

Next, and I may be alone in this one here, but there is an Associated Press story out just now about "thousands of letters" that have been found which shed new light on Ernest Hemingway's life in Cuba, his various and sundry women, and his allegedly "wild" life.

"There are lots of intimacies in these letters," researcher Rosalba Diaz told the daily Juventud Rebelde, saying she had been impressed by how many letters had been found which "break with his image of being a wild man."

Now, as I understand it, they don't precipitate a sea change in our study and understanding of Hemingway but the letters do "give a much better idea of who Ernest Hemingway really was," according to Diaz.

Awesome. No? Too much? Ok, ok, ok! I'm a member of The Hemingway Society and this kinda thing gets me pretty excited. Maybe it gives y'all an example of how bad the book business has become if this is what passes for major news now!

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