Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Bookstore Waves Goodbye.

Rats. Sooner or later Brian and I are going to have to change the title of this blog. No, I am not talking about the Buddhist idea of the"impermanence of everything," I mean that, like the Dodo bird, bookstores will one day disappear, methinks. The Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore (right) is shuttering its doors. As reported in today's Shelf Awareness, owner Kim Brinster told The New York Times that the current economic crisis is a primary factor in the decision.
The closing of what is "believed to be the oldest gay and lesbian bookstore in the country . . . came nearly six years after the store was about to close, only to be given a last-minute reprieve when a new owner bought it," the Times added.

In an e-mail message to customers yesterday, Brinster shared the news "with a sorrowful heart . . . We want to thank all of our customers for their love and loyalty to the store over the years. You have helped make this store a world wide destination and all of us at the store have enjoyed welcoming our neighbors whether they are next door or half way around the world."

Brinster told the Times that "sales had declined by double-digit percentages, compared with a year ago, each month since August. On Tuesday, she noted, the store had only two paying customers."
Stop the madness! Two customers? As I wrote before: rats. Them's the facts, folks.

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