Monday, July 21, 2008

4 Sentence Review of The European Union by John Pinder

A spectre is haunting Europe...again...the spectre of the European Union. In this handy, newly revised primer we non-EU folks (in the parlance of our president) can learn about the terrifying new economic behemoth of approximately 500 million people taking shape across the Atlantic. From Winston Churchill's first mention of "A United States of Europe" in 1945 through to last month's Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, Pinder clearly illuminates the long winding road toward "singular nationhood" that Europeans have been on since the end of World War Two. With very little fuss, Pinder provides a basic historical outline of the EU, showing how its political, environmental, and economic institutions work, the story and success of the euro, the structure of its military defense force (Yea! I know, the Europeans have a military?!?), and what the future holds for the largest economic entity in the world. A MUST READ!

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