Friday, April 04, 2008

A "wytchnienie" from the bad book news business...

Often SofB brings you information about the book business bound to make you want to pull your hair out. From phony memoirists to snakeoil salesman gov'nors who use the people's time to secure million dollar book advances. But not today. (Not from me, anyway.) Buried in today's New York Times is this little nugget for those of you in NYC or going to NYC sometime this weekend. Scroll down the page about half way and you will come across the announcement for the New York Antiquarian Book Fair. This is a great opportunity to remember just what it is that humans have cherished about books for so much of our shared history. I am not sure if everything you see there will be "affordable" but I am sure that you will see something things you weren't expecting. Perhaps you will be even surprised by the sheer joy of it all.

One final surprise of the fair is that "on Sunday the fair will sponsor “Discovery Day,” during which ticketed guests can bring up to five of their own treasures for appraisal." So if you have always wondered if that Jay McInerney paperback of Bright Lights, Big City is really a first edition you can finally find out. (NB: It probably is since the first edition was published in paper initially.)


Meister said...

I would love to go to this, especially if they're doing on-site appraisals. Bookworm Antique Roadshow!

Vivian said...

Well written article.